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Silhouette of man behind prison bars

Seeing the Son of Man on Death Row
A Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent

By Fr. Dustin Feddon | Today's Readings

“For at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.” (Matthew 24:44)

That morning I was sitting in the attorney’s booth at Union Correctional in Raiford, Florida with Dwight, an older Black man with mild intellectual disabilities who sits on death row. 

We had a religious visitation scheduled. That cold December day, Dwight would be received into the Catholic Church. As Dwight sat at the table, I was taken by his warm smile. I am always taken by the warmth and mindfulness so many of these men carry within them in these harsh surroundings.

Dwight spontaneously erupted with, “I’m done with hating because I have a love in my heart. I just want you all to hear this before we start this here ceremony. I’m done with hating!” 

Tears then filled his big, beautiful eyes, on the verge of overflowing down his cheeks.

He continued, “I have had so much hate for most of my life. So much hate that I never had much time for love. But Jesus! I have love now. This love is something I never thought I’d have...” [Read More]

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